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Learn Romanian!

Romanian for foreigners:

Salut! Do you already know what that means?
If you are a foreigner living somewhere in Romania, or planning to join us soon, it is always better to know what people are talking about around you, or even make some small talk, when opportunity arises.

That is why, learning Romanian may seem the only solution. And what better way than to allow yourself to be helped along the way by some very experienced, nice and communicative Romanian teachers, ready to teach you the way to successfully handle this apparently difficult language.
The course that we now offer tackles real life situations, getting you ready for the day-to-day life at the office or wherever you may be at.
In a limited time, (of your choice) this course enables you to understand more and more as well as to speak your mind in virtually any situation.
We provide guidance as to what is best to say in various situations, assist you with your pronunciation and try to make grammar less difficult and more understandable.
 We can mould the course to your preferences, interests and nevertheless schedule, in weekly meetings and at whatever time you choose. 
At your convenience, now available are also online courses, on skype or yahoo messenger!
Just tell us what you are interested in, your location (our teachers can also meet you at your office) and we’ll see to it that no time is wasted until your first lesson with your own Romanian teacher begins!
Contact us and Let’s Team Up!


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Why choose our courses?
We are sociable and trustworthy business partners, always ready to answer all your needs, and focused on creating a favorable background to help you learn a foreign language.

Quality of our services:
Our team of teachers are all carefully selected, and they all attend specialized training sessions to help improve the quality of our services.

You choose the time, intensity and domain that best suits you.

There is not only the act of teaching. There are also questions and answers. That is why we now offer a new, interactive way to learn a foreign language.

Thanks to our evaluation tests, we will know exactly what your level is, and the areas that need to be looked at.

We offer online support and explanations, by phone, e-mail, etc. Now available are also online courses!

With Global Team, you can learn the language you want, when you want and how you want! We will provide the relaxed atmosphere.

With us you can choose from various domains: general, business, legal, medical, technical, hotel and catering, intrview, exams, etc.


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